At, we've got our very own, badware free, high quality software - and it's all FREE
Your SuicSoft Software is Always Up-to Date

Unlike some other software developers, SuicSoft always gives you updates every one month. So you know you're always getting the lastest features and bug fixes. We support Windows Systems using Windows Vista and up.

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Likes What You Like

Not everyone likes Suici Blue. Our Software have a bunch of Material Design colours for you to choose from. You can make your Little's PDF Merge look different from your neighbors' one.
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Our Software

Little's PDF Merge

Our Free PDF Document Merger, Little's PDF Merge can Merge PDFs with Passwords, has a nice look & is the fastest pdf merger on the web!

SuicSoft Utilities

Slow PC? SuicSoft Utilities can free up your disk space and make your PC run faster, Get SuicSoft Utilities! It's Free

SuicSoft Tweaky

Freeware Tweak UI for novices, admins and anyone who wants to tweak their PC

SuicSoft Studio

Free Office Alternative with Material Design. SuicSoft Studio is a Windows 10 Compatible Office Software with a text editor, spreadsheet editor, slideshow maker and drawing program.