Goodware Is:

Software Which Don't Bother You

No hidden check boxes. No bugs. SuicSoft is 'bundle-free' so we'll never ask you to 'set your homepage to for a better experience'. We try to squash all the bugs in our software by letting a novice attempt to crash our software, but if you find bugs you can report them on our GitHub Bug Filer.

Software That Look Different, But The Same

Our Software use Material Design - we're the first (we think!) to use this design in Desktop Software, and the Suici Blue palette is a colourful look for SuicSoft's Goodware. Everything we make looks the same as the other stuff we make, but different from other software

Things with Friendly License Agreements

No one reads long, boring license agreements. Be friendly to your users - have a short, friendly and doggish license, so everyone understands it (not everyone is a lawyer!)

And They Don't Have Malware!

Does it have Malware? This is what every novice asks when downloading typical software. Most get it through downloading real goodware which has bundled badware. SuicSoft won't bundle browser breaking toolbars and fake new tab pages, we won't bundle a thing...
If your software doesn't bother users, looks different but the same, has nice agreement and doesn't have badwares, like SuicSoft, you are making real goodware!